Lieutenant Michael John “Chip” Chiapperini

 Webster Police Department, New York — Lieutenant Michael Chiapperini was shot and killed while responding to a house  fire at a home on Lake Road in Webster.
Lieutenant Chiapperini had  responded to the fire as as a volunteer firefighter and was on the first piece  of apparatus to arrive at the scene. As he and the other volunteer firefighters  exited the pumper truck to start fighting the fire, a subject opened fire on  them from an ambush position. Lieutenant Chiapperini immediately assessed the  situation and began providing tactical direction to the other firefighters to  take cover. He then maneuvered through the fire truck’s cab and began moving on  foot towards the shooter’s location as the other responders took cover.
As he made his way towards the subject he was shot in the head and fatally  wounded.
The subject held other responding officers at bay for several  hours until finally committing suicide.
Volunteer Firefighter Tomasz  Kaczowka was also shot and killed by the subject.
Lieutenant Chiapperini  had served with the Webster Police Department for 20 years. He is survived by  his wife and three children.


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