Deputy Sheriff Roger Rice

Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, South Carolina

Deputy Sheriff Roger Rice was shot and killed as he and other deputies searched for a murder suspect at approximately 11:55 pm.

Officers from the Fountain Inn Police Department had requested assistance from the sheriff’s office to locate the man, who had just murdered his girlfriend. Deputies and officers located the man near his home on Barrel Stave Road in Clinton. As they attempted to take him into custody, he opened fire, fatally wounding Deputy Rice. Other officers on the scene returned fire and wounded the subject before taking him into custody.

Deputy Rice had served with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office for 18 months. He is survived by his wife and two children.


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  • Dave Grubbs says:

    I followed the aftermath of this tragedy with a certain connection. Deputy Rice left behind a widow who enrolled in a college program that my wide teaches in. Ms. Rice’s life underwent such a tremendous amount of strain. I know that the support of the community was there at the beginning but I feel that these situations fade far more quickly than the pressures can be adapted to. I would urge that each heartbreak that unfortunately find its way onto these pages be met with ceaseless compassion, that does not diminish over time. Always remember our heroes.

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