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Sergeant Scott Lunger

Sergeant Scott Lunger was shot and killed while conducting a traffic stop near the intersection of Myrtle Street and Lyon Street at approximately 3:15 am. Sergeant Lunger observed a vehicle

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Police Officer Vernell Brown, Jr.

Police Officer Vernell Brown succumbed to injuries sustained five days earlier when he was struck by a car on U.S. 90, on the I-10 East split, while investigating a separate car fire. He was

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Corrections Officer Timothy Davison

Corrections Officer Timothy Davison was beaten to death by an inmate in the Telford Unit in Bowie County. He was escorting an inmate from a dayroom to his cell when the man attacked him with an

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Sergeant James Bryan McCrystal

Sergeant James McCrystal was killed in a hit-and-run crash while en route from the Phillips State Prison to a local hospital to assist with the supervision of an inmate. He was driving on I-85,

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Scranton Patrolman John James Wilding

Patrolman John Wilding succumbed to injuries sustained the previous night at approximately 3:20 am while pursuing three juveniles who had stolen a vehicle. The juveniles bailed out of the vehicle

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Correctional Officer Gregory Dale Mitchell

Correctional Officer Gregory Mitchell died in an industrial accident at the Hays State Prison in Trion, Georgia. He was performing maintenance functions at the prison when he was knocked out of a

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