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Trooper David Kedra Thumbnail

Trooper David Kedra

  Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania -- Trooper David Kedra was accidentally shot and killed while participating in a training exercise at the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Complex, in Plymouth Township, at approximately 4:45 pm. During the exercise a live round was discharged and struck Trooper Kedra in the chest. He was flown to Temple University Hospital where

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Police Officer Jordan Corder Thumbnail

Police Officer Jordan Corder

Covina Police Department, California -- Police Officer Jordan Corder was killed in a motorcycle crash on North Citrus Avenue at 1:55 pm. As he entered the intersection with West Puente Street a small SUV attempted to make a left turn in front of him, causing a head-on collision. He was thrown from the motorcycle and suffered fatal injuries. Officer Corder had served with the Covina

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Police Officer Michael Williams Thumbnail

Police Officer Michael Williams

New York City Police Department, New York --  Police Officer Michael Williams was killed in a vehicle crash on the Bruckner Expressway, near Bryant Avenue, at approximately 5:45 am. Officer Williams was riding in the rear compartment of an NYPD passenger van en route to an assignment at the United Nations. The vehicle struck the center divider during a period of extremely heavy rain.

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Senior Deputy Jessica Laura Hollis Thumbnail

Senior Deputy Jessica Laura Hollis

  Travis County Sheriff's Office, Texas --  Senior Deputy Jessica Hollis drowned after her patrol car washed away as she checked roadways for high water during a period of heavy rain at 1:50 am. She was driving in the area of Fritz Hughes Park Road and Low Water Crossing Road, upstream of Lake Austin, when her patrol car was washed into the river. She was able to radio dispatchers

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Police Officer Reinaldo Arocha, Jr. Thumbnail

Police Officer Reinaldo Arocha, Jr.

    Newark Police Department, New Jersey --  Police Officer Reinaldo Arocha suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after he and another officers had to subdue an emotionally disturbed person who was being taken into custody. He had returned to his patrol car to complete paperwork when a tow truck driver found him unresponsive near the intersection of North Munn Avenue and

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Deputy Sheriff Michael Norris Thumbnail

Deputy Sheriff Michael Norris

  Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Georgia --  Deputy Sheriff Michael Norris succumbed to a gunshot he suffered two days earlier when he and another deputy responded to a call of an armed suicidal man at a home in the 100 block of Haley Lane, in Juliette, at approximately 5:45 pm. As the deputies approached the front door the subject opened fire with a handgun, wounding both

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Corporal Bryon Keith Dickson, II Thumbnail

Corporal Bryon Keith Dickson, II

Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania --  Corporal Bryon Dickson was shot and killed from ambush at the Blooming Grove Barracks in Pike County, at approximately 11:00 pm. He had just walked out of the front door of the barracks when he was struck by a .308 caliber rifle shot. A dispatcher who was inside of the barracks attempted to pull him into the building but also came under fire and

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Border Patrol Agent Tyler R. Robledo Thumbnail

Border Patrol Agent Tyler R. Robledo

  United States Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection - United States Border Patrol, U.S. Government  -- Border Patrol Agent Tyler Robledo was killed in an automobile collision on FM 2644 near Carrizo Springs, Texas. His patrol car and another vehicle collided head-on at approximately 1:15 am. The driver of the other vehicle died at the scene. Agent

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Deputy Sheriff Joseph Matuskovic Thumbnail

Deputy Sheriff Joseph Matuskovic

  Charleston County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina -- Deputy Sheriff Joe Matuskovic was shot and killed as he and several other deputies responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex at the intersection of Ashley River Road and Carriage Lane. Two deputies working an overtime assignment at the complex had requested assistance from additional deputies to help deal with

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Corporal Jason E. Harwood Thumbnail

Corporal Jason E. Harwood

  Topeka Police Department, Kansas -- Corporal Jason Harwood was shot and killed while making a traffic stop in the 3200 block of SE Sixth Avenue at approximately 4:45 pm. One of the vehicle's occupants opened fire during the traffic stop, fatally wounding Officer Harwood. The suspect believed to be the shooter turned himself in a short time later. Corporal Harwood had served

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