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Police Officer David W. Smith Thumbnail

Police Officer David W. Smith

Johnson City Police Department, New York -- Police Officer Dave Smith was shot and killed with his own service weapon after responding to a disturbance call at a business, at 32 Harrison Street,

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Police Officer Alexander Thalmann Thumbnail

Police Officer Alexander Thalmann

New Bern Police Department, North Carolina --  Police Officer Alexander Thalmann succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained three days earlier while conducting a subject stop near the intersection of

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Master-at-Arms Mark Mayo Thumbnail

Master-at-Arms Mark Mayo

  United States Navy Security Forces, U.S. Government --  Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Mark Mayo was shot and killed aboard the USS Mahan by a civilian who had boarded the ship while it was

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Police Officer Robert German Thumbnail

Police Officer Robert German

  Windermere Police Department, Florida --  Police Officer Robert German was shot and killed while investigating two suspicious people in the area of Conroy-Windermere Road and Horizon

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Deputy Sheriff Ricky Del Fiorentino Thumbnail

Deputy Sheriff Ricky Del Fiorentino

  Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, California --  Deputy Sheriff Ricky Del Fiorentino was shot and killed while searching for a subject who had abducted two people in Oregon earlier in

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Police Officer James Morrissy Thumbnail

Police Officer James Morrissy

  Oak Forest Police Department, Illinois -- Police Officer Jim Morrissy was killed in a vehicle crash while responding to backup another officer at a domestic dispute call. His patrol

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Chief Deputy Sheriff Pete Richardson Thumbnail

Chief Deputy Sheriff Pete Richardson

  Lafayette County Sheriff's Office, Arkansas -- Chief Deputy Sheriff Pete Richardson was killed in a three car collision on Highway 82, west of Lewisville, shortly before 3:00 pm. He

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Police Officer Marc Uland Kelley Thumbnail

Police Officer Marc Uland Kelley

  Trinity University Police Department, Texas --  Police Officer Marc Kelley suffered a fatal heart attack while responding to a fire alarm call at Verna McLean Hall on the Trinity

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Officer Jason Crisp Thumbnail

Officer Jason Crisp

  United States Department of Agriculture - Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations, U.S. Government --  Officer Jason Crisp and his canine, Maros, were shot and killed in

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Agent Joaquín Correa-Ortega Thumbnail

Agent Joaquín Correa-Ortega

  Puerto Rico Police Department, Puerto Rico --  Agent Joaquín Correa-Ortega was shot and killed while conducting an undercover arms purchase in a wooded area off of PR-924, in the

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