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Deputy Sheriff Joseph C. Antwine Thumbnail

Deputy Sheriff Joseph C. Antwine

  Florence County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina -- Deputy Sheriff Joseph Antwine died from injuries he sustained when his patrol car was involved in a collision with a light pole one

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Trooper Ross M. Riley Thumbnail

Trooper Ross M. Riley

  New York State Police, New York -- Trooper Ross Riley died after falling approximately 30-feet while participating in a high-angle rescue training exercise in Letchworth State

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Patrolman Edward A. Wehe Thumbnail

Patrolman Edward A. Wehe

  Delaware County Courthouse and Park Police Department, Pennsylvania --  Patrolman Edward Wehe suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after clearing the scene of a protest at the

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Reserve Officer Robert Libke Thumbnail

Reserve Officer Robert Libke

  Oregon City Police Department, Oregon --  Reserve Officer Robert Libke succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained the previous day after responding to a house fire on Linn Avenue at

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Police Chief Steven Fleming Thumbnail

Police Chief Steven Fleming

  Gainesville Police Department, Texas --  Police Chief Steven Fleming succumbed to injuries sustained one week earlier when he fell form a ladder at the police department's evidence

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