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Police Officer Casey Kohlmeier Thumbnail

Police Officer Casey Kohlmeier

  Pontiac Police Department, Illinois --  Police Officer Casey Kohlmeier and his canine, Draco, were killed when their patrol car was struck by a drunk driver on I-55, near mile 201, at

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Senior Police Officer Robert Bingaman Thumbnail

Senior Police Officer Robert Bingaman

  Asheville Police Department, North Carolina -- Senior Police Officer Rob Bingaman was killed a single vehicle crash when his patrol car plunged off of the Jeff Bowen Bridge on I-240,

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Police Officer Keith Crenshaw Thumbnail

Police Officer Keith Crenshaw

  Eupora Police Department, Mississippi --  Police Officer Keith Crenshaw was struck and killed by a vehicle while deploying a spike strip during a vehicle pursuit on U.S. Highway 82, at

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Acting Police Chief Nicholas J. Colabufo Thumbnail

Acting Police Chief Nicholas J. Colabufo

  Hawthorne Park District Police Department, Illinois --  Acting Police Chief Nick Colabufo suffered a fatal heart attack while responding to a disturbance call at the Hawthorne Sports

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Deputy Sheriff Allen Kay Thumbnail

Deputy Sheriff Allen Kay

  DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, Alabama --  Deputy Sheriff Allen Kay suffered a fatal heart attack following an incident in which he arrested two subjects for illegally possessing a

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Police Officer Patrick Hill Thumbnail

Police Officer Patrick Hill

  Detroit Police Department, Michigan -- Police Officer Patrick Hill succumbed to an accidental gunshot wound sustained six months earlier following a high speed pursuit of a murder

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Lieutenant Clay Crabb Thumbnail

Lieutenant Clay Crabb

Austin Police Department, Texas -- Lieutenant Clay Crabb was killed in an automobile collision on U.S. Highway 290, near Sawyer Ranch Road in Hays County, while en route to the police

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Special Agent Joseph M. Peters Thumbnail

Special Agent Joseph M. Peters

United States Army Criminal Investigation Division, U.S. Government --  Special Agent Joseph Peters was killed by an improvised explosive device while accompanying soldiers during combat

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Deputy Sheriff Billy “Bubba” Kennedy Thumbnail

Deputy Sheriff Billy “Bubba” Kennedy

  Upton County Sheriff's Department, Texas -- Deputy Sheriff Billy Kennedy was shot and killed after responding to a call at a convenience store on South Burleson Avenue, in McCamey, at

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