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Officer Brad Jones

Glendale Police Department, Arizona Police Officer Brad Jones was shot and killed while assisting a probation officer during a meeting with a parolee at an apartment complex near the intersection of North 75th and West Glendale Avenues. When Officer Jones arrived he made contact with the subject in the parking lot. The man suddenly produced a handgun and opened fire, wounding Officer Jones.

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Police Officer Terry Lewis-Fleming Thumbnail

Police Officer Terry Lewis-Fleming

  Police Officer Terry Lewis-Fleming was killed when her patrol car collided with another patrol car during a high speed pursuit on Friday, October 28, 2011 . Officers were pursuing a truck occupied by two men who had just committed an armed robbery, when Officer Lewis-Fleming's patrol car collided with the other patrol car at the intersection of East Residence Avenue and Blaylock

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Deputy Sheriff James “JD” D. Paugh

Richmond County Sheriff's Office, Georgia Deputy Sheriff JD Paugh was shot and killed after stopping behind a vehicle on the side of I-520, near Gordon Highway, at approximately 1:20 am. Deputy Paugh had just gotten off duty and was driving his department motor unit home when he observed a vehicle on the side of the highway. Possibly believing it was disabled, he started to stop his

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Patrolman  Joseph Wargo Thumbnail

Patrolman Joseph Wargo

Joseph Wargo was killed when his patrol car was struck head-on by a drunk driver

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Patrolman Joseph Wargo Thumbnail

Patrolman Joseph Wargo

  Patrolman Joseph Wargo was killed when his patrol car was struck head-on by a drunk driver on I-80, near exit 30, at about 1:00 am. The drunk driver was traveling at a high rate of speed when he lost control and crossed the median. The vehicle struck Patrolman Wargo's patrol car head-on and pushed it into a wooded area. Patrolman Wargo was flown to a nearby hospital where he

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Officer Trevor Slot

Walker Police Department, Michigan olice Officer Trevor Slot was struck and killed by a bank robbery suspect while attempting to deploy stop sticks on I-96 at 8th Avenue. The two suspects had robbed a bank in Ravenna, Michigan, and were fleeing the area when they were spotted by on-duty FBI agents who happened to be in the area. The agents initiated a pursuit and were quickly joined by

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Patrolman Derek Kotecki

Lower Burrell Police Department, Pennsylvania Patrolman Derek Kotecki was shot and killed while investigating reports of a wanted man at a local fast food restaurant. The man was wanted for a shooting ten days earlier and for threatening police officers during the previous week. The subject was hiding by laying in the back seat of his SUV. As Patrolman Kotecki and his canine, Odin,

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Captain John Wayne Haddock

Grenada Police Department, Mississippi Captain John Haddock was killed when he was struck by a suspect's vehicle while deploying spike strips. Deputies from the county sheriff's office were pursuing a stolen car believed to contain two burglary suspects along Mississippi Highway 8. As the vehicle approached I-55, Captain Haddock exited his patrol car to deploy spike strips and he was then

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