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Police Officer Daryl Hall Thumbnail

Police Officer Daryl Hall

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, MO Police Officer Daryl Hall was shot and killed when he confronted two gunmen outside a nightclub on South Fourth Street at approximately 2:45 am. Officer Hall was at the nightclub when he heard gunshots outside. When he went outside to investigate he encountered at least one gunman. Shots were exchanged between the officer and the gunman in which

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Deputy Sheriff Clifton Taylor Thumbnail

Deputy Sheriff Clifton Taylor

Johnson County Sheriff's Office, TX Deputy Clifton Taylor was shot and killed after he and other deputies responded to a domestic disturbance on Eagle Court near Venus shortly shortly after 4 pm. Upon arriving at the scene the deputies began searching for the male subject. Deputy Taylor was shot as he opened the door to a shed located near the property. The other deputies returned fire and

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Police Officer J. Christopher Kilcullen Thumbnail

Police Officer J. Christopher Kilcullen

Eugene Police Department, OR Police Officer Chris Kilcullen was shot and killed during a vehicle pursuit of a female suspect. He had attempted to stop the woman for running a red light but the woman fled. Officer Kilcullen, who was on his department motorcycle, pursued the suspect into Springfield on Highway 126. The vehicle swerved around several cars that were stopped at a red light at

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Public Safety Officer Eric Zapata Thumbnail

Public Safety Officer Eric Zapata

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, MI Officer Eric Zapata was shot and killed after responding to reports of a shots fired call on Hays Park Avenue. Another officer had also responded to the call and approached a man standing on a porch. As the officer asked the man if he had heard any shots, the man suddenly pulled out a gun and exchanged shots with the officer. The subject then ran

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Deputy Sheriff Sherri Jones Thumbnail

Deputy Sheriff Sherri Jones

Bowie County Sheriff's Department, TX Deputy Sherri Jones was shot and killed in the basement of the Bowie County Courthouse while preparing to transport a prisoner at approximately 2:30 pm. She was moving the prisoner from a courtroom to a transportation van to drive him to a state facility when he attacked her. She was overpowered and fatally shot with her own gun. The prisoner then stole

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Patrolman Jonathan Schmidt Thumbnail

Patrolman Jonathan Schmidt

Trumann Police Department, AR Patrolman Jonathan Schmidt was shot and killed at approximately 11:30 pm as he and his sergeant made a traffic stop on Pine Avenue, near Cottonwood Manor. The officers stopped a vehicle occupied by three individuals for operating without insurance. The officers removed the driver and placed him under arrest on a failure to appear warrant. As Patrolman Schmidt

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Correctional Officer Ronald E. “RJ” Johnson Thumbnail

Correctional Officer Ronald E. “RJ” Johnson

South Dakota Department of Corrections, SD Correctional Officer Ronald Johnson was killed by two inmates who were attempting to escape from the South Dakota State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls. The inmates attacked Officer Johnson, beat him with a metal pipe, and then wrapped his head in plastic wrap. One of the inmates then put on Officer Johnson's uniform. As the inmate wheeled out a large

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Senior Officer Specialist Christopher Cooper Thumbnail

Senior Officer Specialist Christopher Cooper

United States Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Prisons, US Senior Officer Christopher Cooper suffered a fatal heart attack while participating in a training exercise at USP Leavenworth. Officer Cooper was running an obstacle course with other members of the Special Operations Response Team when he collapsed. Other officers immediately began CPR but were unable to resuscitate

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Trooper Jeffrey Werda Thumbnail

Trooper Jeffrey Werda

Michigan State Police, MI Trooper Jeffrey Werda was killed in an automobile accident while responding to assist Saginaw County deputies who were involved in a pursuit at approximately 1:30 am. Several minutes after he notified dispatchers he was responding to assist, a motorist called 911 to report finding a crashed patrol car on Birch Run Road, just west of Moorish Road in Birch Run

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Sergeant Eric Stein Thumbnail

Sergeant Eric Stein

Keokuk County Sheriff's Office, IA Sergeant Eric Stein was shot and killed as he, the county sheriff, and another deputy attempted to question a man regarding an incident that had occurred the previous night. The three officers had gone to the man's home on 249th Street, in Sigourney, shortly before noon when they were fired upon. Sergeant Stein was struck by the shots and fatally wounded.

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